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​Modern computer systems are designed so that they have no single point of failure. No organization relies on a single disk for storage, servers and databases are replicated, networks are designed so that connectivity does not rely on any single router, and so on. Security is the exception; cryptographic keys are typically stored in a single place.

Dyadic Security's technology removes the single point of failure of security by sharing cryptographic keys over two or more servers, and carrying out cryptographic operation without ever recombining them. Our new patent pending technology is based on decades of research in the field of secure multiparty computation. Even if all but one of the servers is completely compromised, cryptographic keys are still completely protected. Thus, the damage of server breach is greatly mitigated.

This removes the single point of failure of security, such as server breach where sensitive keys and authentication data is stolen. Our technology can be used to protect SQL databases, Windows Kerberos authentication credentials, and more. Read more about our solutions in this brief summary.