Finally software-only key management and advanced authentication solutions that combine the best of both worlds. Gain the flexibility of software without sacrificing security and trust. Dyadic’s pure software Virtual HSM protects private keys on any device and platform without requiring dedicated hardware.

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Enterprise Key Management

The first pure-software elastic and scalable key management solution for cloud and datacenters. Supports full key lifecycle management including partitioning, BYOK, generation, renewal, archiving and revocation of all types of standard cryptographic keys.

Advanced Authentication Solutions

Allow high-trust authentication and authorization from any device without the need for dedicated hardware such as hard-tokens, smartcards, or secure elements. Pre-built integrations and APIs allow you to connect to the systems you already use.



No Compromises

  • Enjoy the flexibility, scalability and ease of use that comes with a software.
  • vHSM is backed by clear mathematical guarantees and doesn’t rely on security-by-obscurity techniques.
  • Each key is split, its shares stored separately. Crypto operations are carried out without reuniting the shares. Keys never exist whole again.
  • Dyadic can protect all the keys in your organization on all devices and platforms. It supports all standard encryption algorithms and APIs.

Decades of advanced research in secure multiparty computation (MPC) allows a split key to be used for any cryptographic operation without bringing the two parts together. All cryptographic operations can be performed without the key material actually being present on any machine, neither in memory, on disk or in transit.

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