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Are you the next headline?

“There is worry among some in the security community that keeping personal information out of the hands of thieves is increasingly a losing battle..… data security breaches have only gotten larger, more frequent and more costly.” 

NY Times AUG. 5, 2014

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Are you the next headline?

"The most serious breach was that “the compromised passwords were not salted or hashed, or otherwise encrypted, before the data breach. Instead they were stored insecurely, in plain text”

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Are you the next headline?

IBM: Heartbleed Attacks Thousands of Servers Daily

“The vulnerability can be exploited to access and read the memory of systems thought to be protected by encryption, including secret cryptography keys, usernames, passwords and even content."

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Are you the next headline?

"Names, dates of birth, phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, and "encrypted" passwords, were copied from servers by attackers"

By john Leyden, 21 May 2014

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Are you the next headline?

"In 2013, hackers developed new methods to bypass security restrictions. They unleashed powerful denial-of-service attacks that mimic legitimate traffic better than ever before. They created new malware strains that easily bypass traditional security defenses"

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DSM Secures Your Most Valuable Assets


Dyadic’s patent-pending Distributed Security Module splits keys and authentication credentials randomly between multiple servers and carries out computations without ever bringing them together. Secrets are protected since they are never in any one place to be stolen.


Dyadic’s software-only DSM is easy to install and use. In addition, it supports standard cryptographic APIs so that integration into existing solutions is straightforward. With one easy installation, Dyadic protects passwords, encryption keys, signing keys, SSL keys, and more.