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  • The emergence of advanced authenticators (such as biometrics) being used to replace passwords, the private keys on endpoint devices have truly become the “keys to the kingdom” and keeping them protected is tantamount to ensure authentication. With the proliferation of devices with varying hardware security figures, Dyadic is the only lightweight software key protection solution that enables every endpoint device to have a virtual HSM, where private keys can be stored securely with a trust level comparable to dedicated secure hardware – creating a consistant level of security among all BYOD devices that connect to your applications. Dyadic natively integrates with any existing two-factor authentication, FIDO-based advanced authentication, and biometric authentication.

  • Dyadic vHSM allows secured signing of documents, applications, files, transactions and blockchain transactions via any mobile, desktop or IoT device. A pure software solution that frees users from dedicated secure hardware (i.e hard tokens or smartcards) but still gives you the trust level comparable to hardware. Dyadic’s pre-built integrations and APIs allow you to seamlessly connect to the systems you already use, supporting all standard and non-standard signing algorithms (such as those used for bitcoin address derivation).

  • One-Time Password (OTP) authentication solutions rely on the assumption that the OTP seed remains an anonymous secret. However, when end-users bring their own devices (BYOD) instead of using corporate ones, you have no control over what is running on each device. This puts the OTP seed, from which the one-time passwords are generated, at risk. Dyadic OTP solves this problem by generating OTPs without ever revealing or storing the OTP seed in a single place. This allows secure OTP generation without requiring trusted storage on the user’s mobile device or a dedicated external token. This guarantees that only authorized users can authenticate to critical applications and access their data.

  • Many organizations recognize that passwords often create a frustrating user-experience for end-users, while really only offering mediocre security anyway. Moving away from passwords, however, has proven challenging as the majority of backend systems are password-based, making it costly and difficult to implement new password-free solutions. With vHSM, replacing outdated passwords with password-less systems can be extremely fast – requiring only client-side integration and no changes to server side code at all. With a very quick turnaround, your users can now authenticate securely and easily from their devices with any of the user-friendly options you prefer, such as TouchID, Swipe or a PIN.BBBB


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